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Script to Identify with WMI Issues – SCCM


We might required to find out how many machines are with WMI Related issues specific to SCCM. When we install SCCM Client, It will create a CCM class inside the WMI. so all sccm activities will work, if the CCM class is healthy only. We can connect to WMI classes Using many ways




WMIExplorer (https://wmie.codeplex.com/downloads/get/924042)

It’s hard to get the machines with WMI broken or corrupted. Below Script will connect to WMI CCM class, if it is connected, then in my assumption on script that WMI is working ( Of course we need to check other factors too. But it’s just basic list to identify)

WMI_Root_CCM_Invagt_Checker dot VBS

List.Txt(add your machines here)list

So, what do you think ?