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SCCM ConfigMgr 1610 Recover from Regular SCCM Maintenance Backup Folder

Unlike Old other version of SCCM it’s not supported recover wizard from SCCM software media SCCM Site recover wizard. We have to Drill down, SCCM Backup Folder CD>LATEST then launch the setup.hta for recover the SCCM Site. Below are the step by step details.

So its for same if you want to move your SCCM system to New Box or Crashed your SCCM server you want to recover from SCCM Backup Scenarios.


Assuming SCCM Server Name = MYSCCM


  • Install the Operating system server OS
  • Change the System Name to “MYSCCMNew”
  • Join into Domain
  • Install the Pre-requirements like IIS,SQL,ADK,features(BITS, remote deferential ),etc
  • Copy all data from your MYSCCM to MYSCCMNEW with similar Folder structure with same permissions better to use Robocopy.(Folder structure it includes the SCCM Installation Drive)
  • Once you copy all data includes your SCCM Maintenance Task Scheduler back (which includes CD.LATEST) change the system name to MYSCCM just like old SCCM Server. At that time make you sleep the OLD SCCM server to Avoid the duplicate machine record
  • Then launch the setup.hta from backup folder and follow the regular wizards
  • You can able to recover the TS, Apps, Collections all your settings.
  • But once you recovered the Site again try to run the AD Schema Extension to be on safe side.
  • And update all Applications, Packages ,Boot files,etc
  • You may face Image certificate issue, Please re issue the certificate to work includes pxe and create new offline media

So, what do you think ?