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SCCM Different types of Views


SCCM Different types of Views :—(In one line )

V_*                 — > By default view(EX:-V_add_remove)

V_R_  *          — > It will fill the values with Discovery data

V_RA_  *      — > It will, fill the values Once Discovered and Assigned

V_GS_*         —-> HINV/SINV/Software Granular data- Present/Current inv data

V_HS_*         —-> Historical data-After 90 days Task mainenance data HINV/SINV/Software Historical data

V_AI_*         —-> Asset Intelligence related

V_LU_*         —–> Part of AI(Localized Unit)

V_CI_*          ——> Configuration Item 5 types

V_CH_*         —–> Client Health validation related

V_CM_RES_COLL_<SMS00012>  ——> Member Class name / Machine details of that collection


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