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Patch installation process in SCCM client side

When we Deploy software updates to SCCM Client what will happens in the client side. Here is the Complete flow with logs:

1. Update Evaluation is triggered either manually , via schedule or due to mandatory patch enforcement.
2. Manual: Users select to begin a software updates or software updates evaluation cycle.    SMScliui is triggered to submit action to updates Deployment : SMScliui.log
3. Updates deployment is called to begin evaluation and application process :Updatesdeployment.log
4. CI agent is called to evaluate Applicalbe CI’s :CIagent.log
5. updates handler is called to handle the scan and patch deployment :Updateshandler.log
6. Scan agent is called to clear the scan history and initiate and scan: scanagent.log
7. Scan agent submit a Location services request to find WSUS server for use in scanning: Locatioservices.log
8. WUAhanlder is called to perform a scan.: WUA handler.log
9. Updatestore called to Adjust setting ion WMI as needed :Updatesstore.log
10. targeted CIs are evaluated and installed where applicable.
11. Updates deployment wakes up to begin CI evaluation and installation: Updatesdeployment.log
12. CI agent start-up to check targeted CIs and download if necessary :CIAgent.log
13. CIA agent calls SDM agent to download packages if necessary.
14. UpdatesDeploymnet calls Updates handler to initiate patch install : updatesdeployment.log
15. updates handler call WUA handler to facilitate patch install : Updateshanlder.log
16. WUAhanlder coordinates with exec mgr during patch install process. :WUAhanlder.log
17. Execmgr monitors software update installation :Execmgr.log