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OSD scenarios


In a short one line i can describe like below


  • – Bare metal – Deploying a new  version of Windows to a system that  currently has nothing installed on it.
  • – Refresh – Wiping an existing  system and  deploying a new  version of Windows to it migrating any user  settings and  data  that  need to be kept.
  • – Replace – Replacing an existing System with a new  one by installing  a new operating system on the  new  computer and  then optionally transferring over  any user  settings and  data  that  need to be kept  from  the  old System
  • – Upgrade – Upgrading the  existing  operating system from  Window 7, 8.x to 10 whilst retaining all of the  existing  applications, settings and  user  data  that  is already on the computer.




So, what do you think ?