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SCCM 2012 – Glossary

Term Meaning
Collection A set of resources in the Configuration Manager. 
Deployment  An application state associated with the software deployment. 
Distribution point A site system role that contains source files for clients to download including application content, software packages, software updates, operating system images and so on.. 
Distribution point group  A set of distribution points that can be managed as a single unit. It provides a logical grouping of distribution points and collections for content distribution. 
Application  An object that contains the content files and instructions for distributing Deployment types, software updates, operating system images, and drivers to clients of the Configuration Manager. 
Global Condition Global condition is used to specify the conditions that must be met before a deployment type can be installed on a client device.
Deployment Type This program deploys software to a computer system. 
Detection method A detection method in Configuration Manager contains rules that are used to check whether an application is already installed on a device. This detection occurs before the application is installed, immediately after the application is installed, and at regular intervals afterwards. This can prevent Configuration Manager from needlessly reinstalling the application and can also detect if the application is already uninstalled by the user.

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