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SCCM 2012 Client Self healing



Monitoring Home page in the console will help with 2 things ,Those are “monitor the health and activity of client computers”

However Overall status will be depends on below 2 things

Client Activity : configure thresholds to determine whether a client is active (like DDR,requested policy,Hinv,etc)
Client Check: Self Healing with Task Scheduler

sccm 2012 client self healing in workstation how it works:::

Self healing means auto remediation :

Once SCCM client is installed , It will create a scheduled Task in client side. To check open run and type “taskschd.msc”

Then go to Microsoft : check the Configuration Manager. That is the scheduled task

If you open the  Configuration Manager Task  in Action TAB of Task Scheduler , its calling the “C:\WINDOWS\CCM\ccmeval.exe

Once its executed it will send the report  to SCCM server(MP) “C:\Windows\CCM\start CcmEval.xml”.. To check the log open “C:\Windows\CCM\Logs\CcmEval.log”

If the workstation if it has any issues it will be auto healed . CcmEval.xml it will show up what is the issue and whether it got fixed or not. and CcmEval.log will show up what kind of regular checks it will do


EX:– If  CCMexec service is stopped or BITS is disabled ,etc,It will check at the Task Scheduler time and  will be auto re-mediated.You can do a test with stopping the WMI service and execute the C:\WINDOWS\CCM\ccmeval.exe. After some time it will be starts the WMI service

CCMevalreport CCMEval

If it is unable to resolve it will be showing in server side under Monitor-> Client Status :


CLient status of a specific machine



To Exclude/Disable automatic remediation

Open Regedit.

Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CCM\CcmEval\NotifyOnly”

Make it as “True” – computers will not automatically remediate
Make it as “False”– computers will automatically remediate problems

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